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                                                             This site is public, regularly updated & a portal to our Facebook page.  

          We issue regular members' newsletters & use the Club's Facebook page to publicise the club. 


Cove Angling Society welcomes new members.  Full membership annual subscription is £55 (£20 for Juniors). 

                The Membership year is 1 May to the following 30 April.  There is no joining fee so you can join at any time.

                              Click on the Membership Application link (above) to join or renew your membership.


The security of our fishery is every member’s responsibility.   Ensure the venue is secure when you enter & leave,                                                           that you have closed & locked the Gate, & the T Bar is padlocked in place.                                                                                                                                               

                                          For most recent news & catch updates follow us on Facebook

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