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2 Mar 23

More than forty weeks a year, come rain or shine, year in year out, our club chairman organises the Thursday Opens. Every now and then he gets to catch some fish.

Allow me to introduce, on the cold side of the big lake on a bright but very cold day, in Peg 19, with a massive 43lb.10oz., first place goes to Mr. Rod Carroll. This is not just a win, those amongst you who remember how to do the maths will see that Rod’s catch weighs more than the next four runners-up put together.

Peg 5 found Ged Cooper in second place with 11lb.12oz.

Peg 3 saw Mark Gilliam in third place netting 10lb.5oz.

Peg 33 was the swim for Paul Davies catch 10lb., for fourth place.

Peg 29 saw Alec Barter take 9lb.10oz., for fifth place.


23 Feb 23

This Thursday there was a north-easterly blowing at Chaley Park making it a freezing day so any catch is good. Today’s open match anglers, or at least most of them, didn’t stray too far from the car park today, as you will see from the top five pegs.

In first place, Roy Fiander on Peg 3 netted 25lb.4oz. Well done Roy!

Second place went to Tim Meekins on Peg 31 with 23lb.12oz.

Third place today found Pete Hoare on Peg 35 with 19lb.15oz., in his net.

Fourth place was taken by newcomer Dave Thomas on Peg 9 having caught 12lb.17 oz., and

Fifth saw Club Treasurer Paul White on Peg 5 catch 11lb.8oz.

Thanks to all for your support for these matches. The weather and the catches will improve!


16 Feb 23

What a difference! One week it’s cold and you have to break the ice to fish, the next week it’s warm with a gentle breeze, almost springlike. So today, Thursday 16 February saw just eight keen anglers fight their way through or round the difficulties of the roadworks around Normandy to give the big lake at Chaley Park a chance to yield up its finest fish!!

The top five this week are:

In First place, Paul Davies on Peg 33 with a superb 61lb.7oz.

Second Mark Gilliam who drew Peg 3 and netted 51lb.3 oz.

Third on Peg 35, Roy Fiander with 41lb.3oz.

Fourth came Ged Cooper on Peg11 with 26lb.

Fifth was Jim Findlay on Peg 7 with 15lb.14oz.

It goes without saying that these weights are much better than recently, indicating that the fish are responding to the marked increase in air temperatures and resulting smaller rise in water temperature.

Let’s hope the weather stays mild and we see more people trying these matches.


9 Feb 2023

The big lake Chaley Park is more than two and a half acres and yet again it was frozen today. This did not stop ten anglers breaking the ice. Nor did it stop four of our regulars weighing in a few hours later. It’s not a lot but they did catch, so we congratulate all of them for turning up and the results for the top four are:-

First place, on Peg 13 Mark Gilliam netted 16lb.13oz.

Second this week was Tim Meekins who managed 13lb.15oz., from Peg 19.

Third place saw Paul Davies on Peg 17 with 13lb.8oz.

Pete Hoare completes this Fab Four with 5lb.9oz., from Peg 15.


2 Feb 2023

Thursday Opens resume and eleven anglers made it to Chaley Park big lake today and here are the top five results.

First place went to regular matchman Ged Cooper who managed to net 43lb.12oz., from Peg 33.

Second place on Peg 15 with 20lb.5oz., was Jim Findlay.

Third place found Tim Meakins netting 17lb., from Peg 5.

Fourth was Tucker with 16lb.15oz., from Peg 19. Good job we’ve got those new, accurate scales, because with one ounce between third and fourth, it was also tight between fourth and Mark Gilliam catching 15lb.15oz.,from Peg 21 to get fifth position.

Exciting times indeed because the next two places caught 15lb.3oz., and 15lb., respectively.


12 Jan 2023

As previously announced, the Thursday Open Matches resumed today on the big lake at Chaley Park. Only nine stalwarts turned out to fish in cold wet conditions and of those nine, only four weighed in.

Top of the shop for the first match of 2023 was Mark Gilliam taking five fish from Peg 5 for a decent winter weight of 33lb.5oz.

In second was Roy Fiander, on Peg 19 with 29lb.7oz. Third came Pete Hoare on Peg 9 netting 14lb.4oz. Fourth place went to Paul Davies with 7 lb.7 oz from Peg 23.  Well done all for your support in lousy conditions

Well, it turns out that following the great thaw of 2022, the match men wanted to go again, so,on Thursday 22 December they gathered at Chaley Park to see who could conquer the big lake in midwinter. This is how the top five anglers were arranged.

First place this week went to Jim Findlay sitting at one end of the lake in Peg 3 and netting 25lb.7oz.

Second was Tim Meekins a few pegs further round from Jim on Peg 9. Tim caught 21lb.13oz.

For Third Place we need to go to the other end of the lake on Peg 24 where Rod Carroll caught 18lb.9oz.

Fourth was Ged Cooper another regular framer, fishing Peg 7, between Jim & Tim. Ged weighed in 16lb.

Moving left again to Peg 11, another regular, Simon Hunter claimed fifth with 13lb.11oz.

These are not big catches, nor do they involve many fish but the anglers are to be congratulated for persevering in the cold weather and still catching.


As promised, here are the final points positions after 41 Thursday Opens at Chaley Park

Name Total  Points

Simon Hunter 76    Alec Barter 60    Ian Turner 57     Tim Meekins 50       Paul Davies 44

Terry Pilgrim 43     Roy Fiander 43    Paul White 32    Tony Conway 30     Rod Carroll 29

Roger Thorpe 26   Mark Gilliam 25   Jim Findlay 22    Ged Cooper 21      Peter Hoare 17

Steve Lucie 10      Kevin Wyness 8   Brian Wallace 6    Will Marchant 5    Roger Howe 3

Trevor Willoughby 3  Dave Wilkins 3   James Turner 2  Simon Keefer 1   Tony Cocks 1

Just to remind you, a first place earns you 5 points and so on down to fifth place gets you 1 point.

Simon Hunter has earned 76 points and has also been the most consistent winner, having won eight matches. Ian Turner has won six matches but on 57 points is beaten into third place by Alec Barter who amassed 60 points but only won twice. Terry Pilgrim won five matches but ties for points with Roy Fiander (thanks for your regular feedback Roy) who won four matches. Tim Meekins was fairly consistent totalling 50 points for fourth place and winning three matches. Roger Thorpe also won three matches but finds himself three points short of Rod Carroll who only won twice. Paul Davis scored well at 44 points and two wins whereas Tony Conway also had two wins but only totalled 30 points.

If you disagree with any of the above numbers, keep it to yourself. Have a Merry Christmas, eat well, drink well and turn up the heating. We look forward to repeating all this again in 2023.


Here, from the warmth of my house, is today’s Open Match Report, which has been put together without the weight sheet because someone left it on his car roof. Probably desperate to get in the car to turn on the engine and heater.

So here we are in the first week of meteorological winter and it’s turned really cold. A proper frost on my car this morning so best wishes to this anglers that fished the big lake at Chaley park today.

From Rod’s memory the top five this week were:-

First, Club Chairman, match organiser and general good fellow, Rod Carroll, who sat on Peg 19 (a cold walk from the car park) and caught a magnificent 52lb.2oz.

Second, on Peg 5, Roy Fiander, netted 25lb.14oz.

Third placed was Ged Cooper who managed 25lb.4oz., from Peg 3.

Fourth, we think, was Tim Meekins on Peg 17 with something around 23lb. I’m sure Tim will give us a comment on his exact catch weight but he was ahead of Fifth placed Mark Gilliam who took 17lb.11oz., from Peg 35.

Despite the cold, they want to go again next week, after which I’ll probably publish the positions of all anglers who have scored points this year over 40+ matches. As ever thanks for your support, especially in this cold snap.

There they went, a bit like the few during the last lot. Out into the cold and cloudy to pit their wits against the enemy, only to discover that they were, in fact, fishing a Tuesday Open on the small lake at Chaley Park where it was truly cold and misty at ground level.

This week’s distinguished pole pilots were:

First on Peg 8, Tim Meekins fought hard and netted a glorious 48lb.15oz from the far bank.

In close second on Peg 15, Simon Hunter caught 47lb.9oz.

These two must have been able to hold the fish in their swims because the following three did well but were well off the pace.

Jim Findlay took third place on Peg 3 with 17lb.3oz.

Mark Gilliam was fourth with 14lb.15oz., from Peg 6.

Pete Hoare took fifth this week with 13lb.9oz., from Peg 12.

So get the thermals warming in the airing cupboard ready for a return to the big lake next week.

As the days get shorter and Christmas approaches, the big lake at Chaley Park gets to be a cold & windy place. Today it was also wet, so we should commiserate with today’s open match anglers, particularly those who struggled for a bite.

As usual in any match there is a winner and runners up.

First on Peg 5, Roy Fiander weighed in a fine 68lb.6oz.

Well done Roy because

Second place went to Mark Gilliam with exactly half the winning weight, 34lb.3oz., from Peg 34.

Third was Club Chairman & Match Organiser, Rod Carroll with 25lb.6oz., from Peg 31.

Fourth, on Peg 2, Tim Meekins showed his face with 15lb.7oz., and Fifth place went to Club Treasurer and valued assistant organiser Paul White, who netted 14lb.11oz., from Peg 16.

Please note, everyone, next week’s match will be held on the small lake, so come prepared for a bumper catch!!



Match 37 this year and we are back on the big lake at Chaley Park on a day when, if you believe the weather forecasters, it is still very warm for the time of year. Try telling the fish that. There were some very nice fish caught but the top five weights today tell a story of winter coming on and it’s starting to fish hard.

Todays first place goes to Roy Fiander who found himself on peg 7 with a net weighing 57lb.1oz. Well done Roy!

Second today was Thursday regular, Pete Hoare on Peg 31 with 38lb.13oz.

Third was the omnipresent, always lurking, Tim Meekins, at the other end of the lake on Peg 21 with a 36lb.8oz., haul.

A couple of swims to Tim’s left on Peg 19, Jim Findlay weighed in 25lb.11oz., for Fourth place and Fifth place went to Mark Gilliam, again a couple of swims to Jim’s left on Peg 17 with 24lb.10oz.

So your top ten anglers so far are - Simon Hunter 71pts. Alec Barter & Ian Turner 57pts. Paul Davis 44pts. Terry Pilgrim 43pts. Tim Meekins 41pts. Roy Fiander 34pts. Paul White 31pts. Tony Conway 30pts., Rod Carroll & Roger Thorpe 21pts.

Before we look at the weights caught at this week’s Thursday Open Match on Chaley Park big lake, we should remember that the skies opened and it absolutely lagged down on Wednesday evening. That amount of rainfall is bound to affect the fishing, the water level and clarity, and it shows in today’s results.

First place went to Paul Davis on Peg 17 with 29lb.10oz. well done to him and some sympathy to Simon Hunter on Peg 9 who managed second place with just eight ounces less at 29lb.2oz.

Third place went to Pete Hoare on Peg 15 netting 24lb.11oz.

Fourth was Ged Cooper who took 19lb.13oz., from Peg19.

Fifth this week, and rather away from the other framers on Peg 35, Tony Cocks weighed in 14lb.6oz.

Well done to all that managed to get there and fish it in dry, if nothing else, conditions. Thanks to all for your support.

Thursday 27 October and today’s open match was on the big lake at Chaley Park which fished well in good weather conditions.

Results are:

First place went to Simon Hunter on Peg 15 with 80lb.10oz.

Second was Tim Meekins on Peg 7 netting 61lb.11oz.

Third on Peg 4 was Ian Turner with 53lb.10oz.

Fourth place went to Alec Barter on Peg 11 with 51lb.9oz.

Fifth was Roger Thorpe on Peg 19 and netting 37lb.8oz.

Well done all, nice fishing back out next week after the clocks have gone back, and the days get shorter………


Top Ten Open Match League  21 Oct 22

Angler               Points      Angler               Points    Angler               Points   Angler               Points    Angler               Points

Simon Hunter       57       Alec Barter            55      Ian Turner              53     Terry Pilgrim      43        Paul Davis             39


Tim Meekins         34       Tony Conway         30      Paul White              29     Roy Fiander       29        Rod Carroll             21

So today I’m told it rained hard on our match anglers. Apparently there were flash flood signs on the Aldershot/Guildford Road near Chaley. But it wasn’t all bad because by lunchtime we had seen yet another Prime Minister bite the dust.

In the meantime, in real life, onwards and upwards to the open match report from Chaley Park for Thursday 20 October.

First place goes, once again, to Simon Hunter on Peg 4 with a good net full weighing 57lb.5oz.

Peg 7 produced Second placed Mark Gilliam with 55lb., just, and I mean only just, ahead of Third placed Jim Findlay netting 54lb.13oz.

Fourth this week was Paul White on Peg 31 with 39lb.12oz, a couple of pound ahead of Ian Turner who took five fish for 37lb., from Peg 15.

Good fishing and many thanks to all who fished for your continuing support for these matches.

Thursday 13 October and today’s open match is on the big lake at Chaley. Here are the top five results.

First on Peg 7 is Simon Hunter with a winning weight of 70lb.15oz. Excellent fishing and 25lb., clear of second placed Mark Gilliam who netted 46lb.2oz., from Peg 4. Third but still in the same area of the lake, Tony Conway on Peg 9 weighed in 37lb.14oz. So the top three places were all the bottom end of the lake and taking almost 155lb., of fish.

For fourth and fifth places this week, we go to the other end of the lake to find Jim Findlay with 22lb.4oz., from Peg 25 and Paul White on Peg 20 weighing in 17lb.6oz.

So that’s nearly 200lb., of fish in the top five. This means that the big lake looks favourite for next week’s match and we couldn’t leave without mentioning Pete Hoare. Last week he took a big perch on the small lake. The fish must be following him around as he took another big perch this week on the big lake!

Thirteen anglers set out today 6 October each intent on catching the heaviest weight from the small lake at Chaley Park. Five hours later, at the end of the match, seven of them had failed to catch a fish at all. That however, is the “joy” of fishing. Sometimes they just aren’t where you’re fishing. Sometimes they just don’t want what you’re offering. The weather, at least was kind, positively warm for early October and today’s top five were:

Ian Turner on Peg 12 weighed in a very creditable 47lb., to take the chequered flag today. Good fishing!

Then we drop away to second placed Roy Fiander on Peg 10 with 26lb.5oz.

Third was Terry Pilgrim on Peg 4 with 18lb.7oz., a couple of pounds clear of Simon Hunter, further round on Peg 13 with 16lb.7oz., taking Fourth place, closely followed by Tim Meekins on Peg 3 with 15lb.13oz in Fifth. In amongst this there are reports of a Perch around 2lb being caught.

Match 31 this year, played out on the big lake at Chaley today. The results are a roll-call of the regular prize winners and the top ten is now more or less a settled list of names that occasionally shuffle places.

Today’s winner was Alec Barter, round on the road side of the lake in Peg 17 who came out on top with 58lb.1oz. which also keeps him on top of the league.

Second place went to Mark Gilliam putting in one of his occasional appearances on Peg 33 with 43lb.14oz., which is more than I got out of that swim a couple of weekends ago.

Third place went to organiser Rod Carroll on another historically good Peg 21, only a pound behind with 42lb.14oz.

Fourth this week and still framing, Simon Hunter on Peg 19 weighed in 40lb.11oz., and in Fifth, Terry Pilgrim on Peg 31 with 37lb.3oz.

Ian Turner who has featured regularly in these reports came in just out of the money at sixth netting 31lb.9oz. from Peg 27 contributing to a total weighed in of just short of 400lb.

Top Ten

Name Points Name Points Name Points

Alec Barter 55 Simon Hunter 50 Ian Turner 48 Terry Pilgrim 40 Paul Davis 39 Tim Meekins 33 Paul White 28 Tony Conway 27 Roy Fiander 25 Rod Carroll 21


Thursday 22 September saw our open match men trying to outwit the fish in the small lake at Chaley Park. At the end of the day, only seven anglers weighed in and a number of good fishermen didn’t get a single bite despite trying every bait and method to attract some fish.

So Ian Turner took the honours this week on the now famous Peg 9 from where he netted 52lb.2oz.

After that the weights fall away dramatically.

Roger Thorpe managed 29lb.3oz., from Peg 12 for Second place. Tim Meekins popped up for the first time in a while on Peg 15 in Third place with 15lb.12oz.

Fourth place went to Roy Fiander on Peg 21, a little behind Tim, with 15lb.6oz and Fifth was Terry Pilgrim on Peg 24 with 13lb.7oz.

Next week it’s back to the big lake to see if that can be more generous as we go through the autumn.


Points Top Ten @20 Sept 2022

Name               Points     Name               Points     Name               Points     Name               Points    Name               Points

Alec Barter        50         Simon Hunter    48         Ian Turner          43         Paul Davis          39        Terry Pilgrim     38

Tim Meekins      30         Paul White         28        Tony Conway     27         Roy Fiander       23         Rod Carroll       18

Thursday 15 September saw our open match men trying to empty the big lake, in good weather where, although some did not weigh in, the lowest recorded weight today was 32lb.

Top of the shop was Ian Turner, happily sitting on the far bank, in Peg 19, who netted 75lb.1oz. Well done (again!). Have you noticed how accurately we are recording weights these days? Very important that we now have digital scales for accuracy and no more so than today when Ged Cooper took 2nd place with 54lb.3oz., from Peg 17, and Simon Hunter was 3rd with 54lb.2oz., from Peg 7!

4th was Cove Treasurer and regular place taker, Paul White on Peg 31 with 52lb.10oz. Followed by Paul Davis on Peg 23 in 5th place with 45lb.

Lots of excitement today, broken gear, lost gear swimming around the lake and close weights. Lovely stuff and then back to the rigours of the small lake next week. League table should be updated tonight on the website.

Here it is, early this sad evening, 8 Sept 2022, today’s open match results from the small lake at Chaley Park. Yes, as the heavens opened (yet again) the first three in today’s frame managed to keep an eye on their floats but it all gets a bit tight as places four five and this week six are revealed.

In first place this week is Ian Turner on Peg 9, which if you get it right is a regular winner, weighed in 39lb.7oz. Well done Ian for making the most of the fishing in some horrendous weather.

Second was Mark Gilliam, a name we haven’t seen so often recently, with 34lb.14oz., from Peg 12.

Third on Peg 23, Ged Cooper netted 25lb.15oz.

Then all in a rush we see fourth is Jim Findlay with 16lb.9oz., on Peg14. Fifth is Paul Davis with 16lb.7oz., on Peg 24 and sixth was Simon Hunter, just out of the money, with 16lb.6oz.

So today 1 Sept 2022, our open match anglers graced the big lake at Chaley, which was not as generous last Saturday as it could have been, but today, over 500lb., of fish was weighed in with a fair sprinkling of doubles. The weather started with a drop or two of rain but soon gave way to brighter weather creeping up to 24C.

In first place on Peg 19 sat the wonder that is Roger Thorpe who netted 93lb.7oz. Cracking fishing and a few pound ahead of Ian Turner who bagged 82lb.14oz., from Peg 25 for second place.

Third went to Alec Barter with 81lb., from Peg 21. Fourth place was Terry Pilgrim with 70lb.14oz., from Peg 23 and fifth placed angler was Paul White, not too far from the car park on Peg 34 with 50lb.10oz.

Points Top Ten @1 Sept 22

Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points   

Alec Barter           50         Simon Hunter       45          Terry Pilgrim       38          Paul Davis            37          Ian Turner            33

Tim Meekins        30          Tony Conway        27         Paul White          26         Roy Fiander          23          Rod Carroll          18

25 Aug 2022  I said it would rain, and rain on a Thursday. I just can’t remember which Thursday I forecast the rain. Rain however, it did, and quite a lot of it, so our intrepid open anglers got wet today as they tackled the vagaries of Chaley Park’s small lake with the wet trees overhanging the swims. However, the results show that it wasn’t all bad.

In first place, on Peg 1, Terry Pilgrim netted 43lb.7oz. Not necessarily the peg we might have thought of to produce a winner so well done Terry!

The runners-up were sat on pegs that many of us would expect to be in the frame.

Second this week was Tim Meekins with 42lb.3oz., from Peg 9.

Third went to Paul Davis on Peg 8 with 28lb.4oz.

Fourth was Tony Conway on Peg 6 with 26lb.15oz.,


Fifth on Peg 11, Ian Turner bagged 26lb.4oz.


If you read on our Facebook page about the fishing at Chaley Park last weekend, you would have reasonable expectations of the Open on Thursday 18 August.  As you can see from the top five weights detailed below, you should not be disappointed. The big lake is producing good weights of both medium sized Carp and a good number of doubles too, as well as some quality Roach.

First place this week goes to Tim Meekins on Peg 7 with a fabulous 77lb.14oz.

Second, on Peg 13 was Alec Barter weighing in 70lb.12oz.

Third place is nabbed by Ian Turner on Peg 17 with 65lb.12oz.

Fourth was Terry Pilgrim on Peg 31 with 54lb.

Whilst we see these four guys in the frame regularly, our fifth place this week goes to Simon Keefer (I hope that’s spelled right), a newcomer to the winner’s enclosure, fishing on Peg 34 and a bag of 48lb.1oz.

Over 300lb in the top five. Well done all. A different challenge next week on the small lake.

Opens Top Ten  placings at 18 Aug 22


Name           Total Points    Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points  Name           Total Points  Name           Total Points

Alec Barter          47            Simon Hunter     45           Paul Davis            34         Terry Pilgrim        31        Paul White            25

Tony Conway       25            Ian Turner           28          Tim Meekins         26         Roy Fiander         23        Rod Carroll           18


Well it’s 11 August and week five of this heatwave and it’s to be hoped that the Thursday Open match men found some shelter as they fished the small lake at Chaley Park.

I see that the BBC is forecasting a chance of rain next Thursday but until then, here are today’s top five.

First place (with a good dob of AfterSun) goes to Simon Hunter who managed 47lb.7oz., from the shadeless Peg 9.

Second, on Peg 5 was Tony Conway who netted 32lb.12oz.

Third this week went to Club Treasurer Paul White sitting on Peg 11 and weighing in 28lb.5oz.

Fourth, in relative shade on Peg 23, Pete Hoare caught 27lb.10oz., and

Fifth came Jed Cooper on Peg 7 with 21lb.14oz., which is about what yours truly got out of it last Saturday.

Well done and a cold shower to all. Back to big lake next Thursday.


The big lake at Chaley Park played host to this week’s Thursday 4 August Open and I’m pleased to say that everyone caught in lovely weather, a little cooler than it has been recently but all the more pleasant for that.

Today’s winner was Simon Hunter sitting in Peg 7 with the sun on his face, pole in hand and a winning bag of 69lb.8oz.

Second place went to Alec Barter, sitting further round on the road side of the lake in Peg 17, not much off the pace, on the method with 63lb.6oz. Third spot went to Jim Findlay on the straight lead who netted 57lb., on Peg 11.

Then back came the pole men, Tim Meekins on Peg 31 took Fourth place with 56lb., and Ian Turner took Fifth spot with 50lb.8oz.

So that’s almost 300lb., in the framers, let alone what else was caught, but despite this, no change to the top ten open anglers this week.  Next week they’ll be on the small lake which I hear is also fishing well. Let’s hope we see some pleasure anglers over there this weekend!

This Thursday, 28 July, the open match was held on the small lake with the following results.

First was Terry Pilgrim on Peg 6 with 33lb.

Second place went to Ian Turner with 28lb.12oz., from Peg 24.  Third place went to Paul White who caught 22lb., from Peg 10.  Fourth was Roger Thorpe who netted 21lb., from Peg 18 and Fifth was Rod Carroll with 17lb.8oz., taken from Peg 13.

Name           Total Points  Name           Total Points   Name           Total Points     Name                Total Points      Name                Total Points

Alec Barter           39        Simon Hunter        35        Paul Davis          34              Terry Pilgrim         29                Ian Turner             24

Roy Fiander         23         Paul White            22       Tony Conway       21             Tim Meekins         19                 Rod Carroll           18

Here we go on Thursday 21 July back at the big lake at Chaley Park for this week’s Open Match. I know that some of today’s framers had a day fishing the lake last Sunday but I’ve not seen any reports on their catches from that day so here we are with today’s, slightly cooler, top five.

First place goes to Roy Fiander fishing Peg 11 who caught 52lb.12oz.

Second place, on Peg 19, Alec Barter with 46lb.

In Third, framing again, is Cove AS treasurer, Paul White taking 44lb., from Peg 7.

Fourth in Peg 21, Jim Findlay netted 43lb., and then a rare but welcome showing from

Rod Carroll, Cove AS Chairman and match organiser, on Peg 25 with 38lb.8oz.

So a good 220+ lb., from the top five. The league standings have been updated below

Top ten order on the league table as at 21 July 2022 as follows

Name          Points              Name        Points         Name           Points                       Name           Points

Alec Barter     39               Simon Hunter   35        Paul Davis       34                         Terry Pilgrim    24

Roy Fiander    23               Tony Conway     21        Ian Turner       20                         Tim Meekins     19

Paul White      19                Rod Carroll       17


These results have changed the top ten order on the league table as follows

Name            Total   Points                      Name            Total   Points             Name            Total   Points

Alec Barter         35                                 Simon Hunter     35                          Paul Davis            34

Terry Pilgrim      24                                 Tony Conway       21                         Ian Turner             20

Tim Meekins      19                                  Roy Fiander        18                         Rod Carroll            16

Paul White          16

Normal service is resumed with a double bill of Cove Thursday Open Results.

First, on the big lake at Chaley on 7 July,

Simon Hunter took first place with 45lb.4oz., from Peg11.

Runners up were, second on Peg 25 Alec Barter, a roach away from Simon, with 45lb., Tim Meekins took third place with 33lb.8oz., from Peg 19. Fourth was Terry Pilgrim on Peg 31 netting 29lb.4oz., and fifth, Steve Lucie took 28lb., from Peg 17.

This week (14 July) on the small lake,

Cove Angling Treasurer Paul White found himself, and the fish, on Peg 9 and with an excellent 50lb., bagged first place.

Then a gap to the runners up, second, Simon Hunter with 33lb., from Peg 19, third Pete Hoare took 27lb.4oz., from Peg 11. Tim Meekins came in fourth with 25lb.8oz., on Peg 21 and Ged Cooper netted 24lb.4oz., for fifth place on Peg 7.

Today’s (30 June) Thursday Open was held on the small lake at Chaley Park and once again the lake fished really hard. You’ll see from the pegs that our five framers this week were almost sitting on each other’s laps, along the back of the lake, to come up with the following results.

In first place on Peg 11 Roger Thorpe netted 27lb.12oz.

Second, on Peg 12 was Ian Turner, only a roach away with 27lb.8oz.

Third, on Peg 14 and pleased to be back in the winner’s enclosure, Tim Meekins with 25lb.

Fourth with 19lb.8oz., from Peg 17, Paul White and

Fifth, on Peg 15 with 17lb., was Tony Conway.

Next week it’s the big lake again.


23 June Thursday Open Match at Chaley Park took place in hot & sultry conditions with enough occasional rain to warrant the brolly. The lake fished hard today although some good size fish were caught.

Somehow Kevin Wyness managed a creditable 51lb. from Peg 21, which often shows in our top five, for first place.


The other places were some way behind in terms of weight with Second place going to top five regular, Alec Barter with 32lb. from Peg 33.

Third was Paul Davis, close to Alec on Peg 31, netting 28lb.8oz.

Pete Hoare took Fourth on Peg 19 with 23lb.4oz., and Fifth was Roy Fiander with 22lb. from Peg 22.

The league table has been updated (top ten) below:

Name     Total  Points                     Name     Total  Points                    Name     Total  Points 

Paul Davis         34                               Alec Barter        31                             Simon Hunter    26

Terry Pilgrim    20                               Tony Conway     20                              Roy Fiander       18

Ian Turner         16                               Rod Carroll        16                              Tim Meekins      13

Paul White         9

Today’s (9 June) Thursday Open was held on the big lake at Chaley Park and the top five anglers are:

In first place on Peg 7 Alec Barter netted 37lb.

Second was Paul Davis on Peg 19 with 31lb.8oz.

Third, on Peg 11 was Terry Pilgrim landing 29lb.

Fourth was club treasurer Paul White with 23lb.4oz.

Fifth, on Peg 13, Tony Conway with 16lb.4oz.

Difficult fishing in benign weather conditions so many thanks for supporting these matches. Back to the small lake next week.  League leaders are

Name     Total  Points                     Name     Total  Points                    Name     Total  Points   

Paul Davis        31                           Alec Barter    25                             Simon Hunter     23

Tony Conway   20                           Roy Fiander   17                             Ian Turner          16

Rod Carroll      16                           Terry Pilgrim   15                             Tim Meekins       13                Steve Lucie    9

Well, here we are it’s 2nd June already and today the small lake and it’s fish residents did their best to thwart the efforts of our Thursday match men. That said, Terry Pilgrim continued his winning ways by landing 38lb.12oz., from Peg 11 to take first place this week.

Second on Peg 3, Rod Carroll, Chairman and match organiser, netted 20lb.

Joint third this week were Alec Barter on Peg 8 and Kevin Wyness on Peg 18. These two caught 14lb.8oz., each, so fifth place went to Paul Davies with 14lb., from Peg 14. All framers caught on the method.  Here are the top ten:

Name     Total  Points                     Name     Total  Points                    Name     Total  Points                   Name     Total  Points

Paul Davis        27                           Simon Hunter    23                        Alec Barter        20                        Tony Conway      19

Roy Fiander     17                           Ian Turner          16                        Rod Carroll        16                        Tim Meekins       13

Terry Pilgrim     12                           Steve Lucie         9

On a warm but somewhat windy day, this Thursday’s open match returned to the big lake at Chaley Park on 26 May 2022.

At the top of the frame in first place this week, Terry Pilgrim improved on his previous placings and weighed in a lovely 76lb. From Peg 17.

Second, a couple of pegs further along in Peg 19 was Paul Davis with 55lb.8oz.

With more than 130lb., from the first two places, would the top five manage more than 200lb., total?

Third place went to Tony Conway on Peg 5 with 36lb., only just beating Club Treasurer Paul White into fourth place with 35lb.8oz., from two swims along in Peg 7.

Tim Meekins took fifth place this week, some distance away from the other action, on Peg 25, netting 32lb.4oz.

So more than 230lb., in the first five, not a bad day.

Today's results make a few interesting changes to the leaders table

NameTotal         Points

Paul Davis           26          Simon Hunter 23             Tony Conway    19         Roy Fiander    17

Alec Barter          17          Ian Turner       16             Tim Meekins     13         Rod Carroll     12

Here are the Thursday Open results for 19 May which was held on the small lake at Chaley in good weather but I understand it fished hard and at the end of the day there were a number of dry nets.

Simon Hunter returned to the frame taking first place with a creditable 52lb., from Peg 15.

Thereafter, the weights drop away to Ian Turner in second place on Peg 9 weighing in 31lb.12oz.

Paul Davies took third place with 28lb., from Peg 6.

Tony Conway, who must have been sat in the sun all day on Peg 21, came fourth with 22lb.12oz.

Terry Pilgrim is in the frame again at fifth on Peg 5 with 16lb.  Here are the current leaders

Name     Total Points

Simon Hunter 23                 Paul Davis 22                 Roy Fiander 17            Alec Barter 17       Tony Conway 16

Ian Turner 16                       Rod Carroll 12                Tim Meekins 12

Next week’s match will return to the big lake

Today’s Open Match (Thursday 12 May) was held on the big lake at Chaley Park in reasonable weather conditions except that the wind was fairly blowing around the lake. The windy conditions did not stop Tony Conway on the colder side of the lake in Peg 18 from winning the day with a super bag of 79lb.

Second this week but, like all this week’s runners-up, a way behind the winner, was Alec Barter with 46lb., from Peg 21. Third was Tim Meekins with 44lb., from Peg 15.

The top three were on the road side of the lake and we have to go a long way around to Peg 3 to find fourth placed Roy Fiander with 37lb and back up towards the green fence to Terry Pilgrim, in fifth on Peg 27 with 28lb.12oz.

Thanks for your continuing support of these matches. Rod tells me that you’re back on the small lake next week.


Here we go, it's the 5th of May, the sun is shining, all is dry after last evenings sharp showers and today's match is back on the small lake at Chaley Park for the first time this season and the results are OK. A reasonable weight of fish were caught, most in reasonable condition and there were lots of fish shadows showing in the water.

First this week on Peg 15 is Ian Turner netting a nice 33lb.

Second came Roy Fiander who caught 9 fish off Peg 24 totalling 29lb.8oz.

Simon Hunter re-entered the frame this week on Peg 20 with 28lb. and this included a lovely Tench.

Rod Carroll continued his recent run of success with fourth place on Peg 14. Six fish for 23lb.4oz.

Fifth this week was Pete Hoare with 19lb.4oz., from Peg 17.

We're pleased that it was a good day and we'll be discussing the future of the small lake for matches with the Water Manager.

So just for the record here are the current top six

Name Total Points

Paul Davis 19                Simon Hunter 18                       Roy Fiander 15

Alec Barter 13               Rod Carroll 12                           Ian Turner 12


Here we go with the Thursday Open results for 28 April and we hope you all parked carefully today and didn’t mess up the beautifully rolled surface courtesy of Tuesday’s work party.

On the big lake today, in good conditions, if you could see through the tadpoles,

Roy Fiander drew Peg 21 and made the most of it by bagging first place with 49lb.8oz.

Tony Conway netted 48lb.12oz., from Peg 19 for second place.

Tim Meekins took third place on Peg 17 with 29lb.8oz.

Interesting to note that last week’s top three were also in Pegs 17,19 & 21.

Our Chairman, match organiser and top road roller, Rod Carroll came fourth on Peg 23 catching 27lb.

Fifth framer was Paul Davis on Peg 31 with 20lb.

Next week the open will return to the small lake and we’ll see what the weights are like (it’s been pleasure fishing quite well) and more importantly what the condition of the fish tells us.


On Thursday 21 April, the weather was warm, indeed it could have been described as hot. The big lake at Chaley Park once again played host to the Open Match men and here are the results,

First, on Peg 19, congratulations to Paul Davis with an excellent 80lb.12oz.

Second, a couple of pegs away on Peg 17, Steve Lucie netted 41lb.

Third, up in the corner on Peg 21, Chaley Water Manager Dave Wilkins caught 36lb.8oz.

Fourth, for his first points this year, Ged Cooper on Peg 33 with 30lb.8oz. and fifth, Club Treasurer Paul White managed 20lb from Peg 15. For those who know the lake, pegs nearest the Aldershot/Guildford Road seem to be the best producers at the moment.

Well done all, especially those who had to contend with the noisy geese and those who settled for a good day’s roach fishing.


Good news from the Thursday Open on the big lake at Chaley Park today. Good weather, good weights and plenty of them.

First on Peg 19 Brian Wallace showed that his recent fifth place was not just a flash in the pan. Today he netted a winning 73lb.

Second was Alec Barter on Peg 3 with 46lb.8oz.

Rod Carroll took third place with 37lb. From Peg 7.

Fourth was Simon Hunter, still racking up points, on Peg 18 with 34lb.12oz.

Fifth saw Peter Hoare take just over 32lb., from Peg 13.

One fish weighed in today at 14lb.12oz., and in addition to the five, points winners above, there were five anglers who weighed in more than 30lb., each. Great results and thanks to all for your continued support.


On a very squally day, Chaley Park big lake once again played host to the Thursday Open match men. This week, Tony Conway took the winner’s laurels with a bag of 54lb., from Peg 15.

Second was Paul Davis on Peg 26 with 46lb.8oz.

Third, the ever present Simon Hunter in the frame again on Peg 11 netting 39lb.

Fourth, on Peg 19, Ian Turner took 26lb., and fifth, a new name to this page, Brian Wallace (hope that’s spelled correctly) on Peg 35, just two fish, I understand, totalling 25lb.13oz.

Well done all anglers for braving the weather. Any volunteers prepared to give up a Tuesday after Easter (26 April) for the previously announced work party, please let any committee member know. Thanks.


Here are the top five weights from the big lake open match today 31 March.

Ian Turner came first with 76lb.8oz., from peg 18.

Simon Hunter was second on peg 20 with 41lb.8oz.

Then we drop from these dizzy heights to normality

Roger Thorpe came third on peg 6 netting 16lb., Alec Barter got fourth with 13lb.8oz., on peg 14, and Tim Meekins crept into the frame on peg 30 with 12lb.12oz.

Well done men!


Following seven members trying to catch a few on the big lake on Wednesday, today’s open match winning weights are a revelation.

First this week on Peg 18, Rod Carroll, Cove chairman & match organiser netted an outstanding 75lb.8oz.

Paul Davies managed 59lb., from Peg 20 for second place & Jim Findlay made the top three on Peg 14 with 40lb.

Fourth went to Steve Lucie on Peg 32 with 32lb.8oz., & Simon Hunter made fifth with 30lb.12oz., from Peg 24.

Another lovely warm, sunny day & good weights. Let’s see what next week brings when British Summertime has officially started.


On a lovely warm Thursday 17 March, Chaley Park once again showed that it can play havoc with good fishermen's attempts at weighing in a match winning total.

This week's top man is Tim Meekins on Peg 19 with 30lb.

Second came Paul Davis on Peg 9 with 27lb.

Alec Barter took third place with 20lb. from Peg 3 with Roy Fiander in fourth with 18lb from Peg 5 and fifth this week, Mark Gilliam on Peg 35 with 16lb.12oz.

So it fished hard, some blanks and many who did not weigh in. The forecast for the next seven days is good so let's hope for better weights next Thursday.

10 March 2022 - Todays Thursday Open Match results from the big lake at Chaley Park on a bright sunny day when catches were better than they’ve been since last Sunday, are

1st. Will Marchant on Peg 5 with a lovely 55lb.

2nd. Alec Barter on Peg 9 netting 47lb.12oz.

3rd. Trevor Willoughby on Peg 7 catching 46lb.

4th. James Turner, a bit further round on the road side on Peg 17, with 41lb.12oz.

5th. Paul Davis, next door but one on Peg 19 netted 37lb.4oz.

7 March 2022 - The beginning of March brings us the start of Meteorological Spring, although you would hardly believe it given the grey, wet weather we have been experiencing. Not to be outdone, the Thursday Open Matches re-started on Chaley Park big lake this week. They will continue on the big lake for the time being, and this week’s results are:

First out of the trap, and no surprise, Simon Hunter who managed 48lb., from Peg 33.

Second, and only a few ounces behind, was Roy Fiander with 46lb.8oz., taken from Peg 19.

Just to mess up the easy scoring, third place was shared at 43lb.8oz., each by Steve Lucie on Peg 3 and Roger Howe on Peg 17.

So, this leaves Roger Thorpe in fifth place on Peg 11 with 36lb.8oz.,

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