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Cove Angling Lake Bookings prices (wef 21 July 2020). 

Main Lake 

36 Pegs.   £150.  (= £4.20 per peg).     18 Pegs.   £100. Pegs 1 – 18 or 19 – 36.  (= £5.50 per peg).

Small Lake

24 Pegs.  £120.  (= £5.00 per peg).  12 Pegs.  £75. Pegs 1 – 12 or 13 – 24.  (= £6.25 per peg).

Visiting clubs with 10 anglers or less will be charged £8 per peg if ½ lakes are not booked.

Visiting clubs are as responsible for security at the fishery as members during their visit and must ensure that the entrance gates and T Bar are closed and padlocked before leaving the fishery.

Thursday Matches from April 2023 will be held on the Main/Small Lake alternate weeks until otherwise advised.  

To book for Thursday matches please ring Rod Carroll 01252660552.  

Date                                           Chaley Park                                    

                                      Main Lake                               Small Lake

April 2023

Sunday 2nd            Uxbridge Rovers AS

Sunday 9th             Prospect

Sunday16th            Aldershot Garrison

Sunday 30th                                                                  Farnham AS

May 2023

Sunday 14th         Farnham Match Group

Sunday 21st         Royal Oak

Sunday 28th                                                                  Aldershot Garrison

June 2023

Sunday 4th           Prospect

Sunday 11th         Aldershot Garrison

Wednesday 14th  Royal Oak (19 Pegs)

Sunday 25th         Farnham Match Group

July 2023

Sunday 2nd         Prospect

Sunday 16th                                                                Aldershot Garrison

Sunday 23rd        Farnham Match Group              

August 2023

Sunday 6th         Prospect (19 Pegs)

Sunday 13th       Aldershot Garrison

Sunday 27th       Farnham AS

September 2023 

Sunday 10th       Farnham Match Group

Sunday 17th                                                               Aldershot Garrison

October 2023

Sunday 1st        Godalming AC

Sunday 8th        Aldershot Garrison

Sunday 29th      Farnham Match Group

November 2023

Sunday 5th        Godalming AC

Sunday 12th                                                              Aldershot Garrison

December 2023

Sunday 17th       Aldershot Garrison


January 2024

Sunday 14th                                                             Aldershot Garrison

February 2024

Sunday 18th      Aldershot Garrison

Sunday 25th                                                            Godalming AC

March 2024

Sunday 10th                                                            Aldershot Garrison

April 2024

Sunday 28th      Aldershot Garrison

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