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Guest Tickets

Members can take up to three guests to Cove waters as long as the member has purchased sufficient guest tickets at £10 per guest per day in advance from any of the following outlets.

Members are advised to check by phoning ahead to ensure the shop has sufficient tickets in stock.

Surbiton Angling, 31 Station Approach, Esher KT10 0SR. Tel: 02083914110


Hampshire Tackle,133 Ash Road, Aldershot, GU12 4DB.   Tel: 01252318937


Tackle Up, 151 Fleet Rd, Fleet, GU51 3PD.  Tel: 01252614066

Apollo Angling Centre Byfleet, 64 High Road, Byfleet Surrey KT14 7QL.  Tel: 01932355100

Members can also buy guest tickets at £10 per guest per day in advance from the following Committee Members:

Club Chairman Rod Carroll – Tel: 07557670286 weekday calls only,


Club Treasurer Paul White – Tel: 07952204464 weekday calls only

Club Secretary & Media Officer Doug Arnold – Tel: 07768076214, request via WhatsApp with online payment. How to request

Club Rules Extract

You may not fish our waters without a current membership permit (or guest ticket) & EA licence.

The gate at Chaley Park has a key padlock on the T Bar & gate. Members visiting Chaley Park must replace & lock the T Bar, & lock the gate, upon entering & on leaving the site. Any member found not adhering to the above is liable to have their permit removed.  Please close & lock the gate at Chaley Park & ensure the anti ram T bar is locked in place behind you before moving your vehicle to a parking spot. All vehicles must be parked in designated hard standing parking areas & never on the access tracks or grassed areas.

No vehicles over a height of 2.30 metres are permitted on Cove AS waters unless authorised by the Water Manager

Members & guests are permitted to fish with one rod only at any time on CAS waters.  All anglers must be in possession of & use an unhooking mat & Landing Net appropriate to the size of the fish in the water being fished.  Landing Nets & unhooking mats must be dry before use on CAS Waters. Stink Bags must not be taken to the bank-side.  All anglers must have & must use a Fish Care Kit.  Please use an unhooking mat & remember it is vital that all anglers’ nets are completely dry before fishing at Chaley Park.

Keep Nets are not permitted except for booked matches & visiting clubs when Keep Nets must be inspected by the match organiser & shown to be completely dry before use. For all matches held on Chaley Park Big Lake, anglers must book in ahead of the match & any angler whose nets are not completely dry will not be permitted to fish.  

Strictly barbless hooks only (no micro barbed hooks or crushed barbed hooks) Maximum permitted hook size 10.                                 

No food tins, boilies or nuts.  No floating baits of any description.  No radios.  No BBQ's or cooking allowed
No braided or Dacron line (also applies to hook lengths) - mono line only.  Method feeders only to be used with a mould
Unused bait to be taken home, NOT to be discarded in lake.  All litter to removed from site for home disposal.  No night fishing

No transfer of any fish from one lake to the other lake at Chaley Park.  

Any member found to have removed, damaged, defaced or otherwise altered any item of Society property without the prior written consent of the Secretary, is liable to have their permit removed & the committee reserve the right to pursue the offender through the due legal process for repairs or replacement of said item & a criminal charge for vandalism.

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