Online Cove Guest Tickets for Chaley Park are only available to members by using WhatsApp.

Before you send a request please call 07768076214 to ensure that the service is available in time for your planned fishing date.

Your WhatsApp request must include the member’s name & current permit number, guest(s) name & date you want to fish.

A guest ticket fee of £10 per guest (max 3 per day) must be sent online to Account 54001870 sort code 60-15-42 referencing your name.

Without these details your request may not be validated & your payment may be forfeited.

Upon receipt of a valid request & the fee, a guest ticket(s) will be issued by post to the member's last address registered with the club and a photo of the ticket(s) will be sent as a reply to the WhatsApp request.  The photo of a currently valid guest ticket on your smartphone will be sufficient proof of payment & permission to fish to any member inspecting permits.

This service is only available for guest tickets.  It is not available for any other transaction with Cove Angling Society.