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COVE ANGLING SOCIETY (Established 1945)   Membership Application/Renewal Form (Printable by clicking the PDF above)

Full Name of Applicant (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms.) ___________________________________________________


_______________________________________________________Post Code__________________


Tel.No’s: Home: _____________________ Mobile: ______________________


Email address_________________________________________________________________________________________


Age Group & Preferred Type of Fishing (Please tick to indicate)

12 - 15      16 +             Match Fishing             Pleasure Fishing           Match + Pleasure       Blue Badge Holder




CHALEY PARK, NORMANDY. BETWEEN ALDERSHOT & GUILDFORD – A two lake complex with different fishing in each.       

Big Lake is predominantly Carp to 30lb, Bream to 7lb., & a good head of Roach.

Small Lake has a mix of F1’s, Mirror Carp to 4lb. & silver fish including Bream to 5lb. Roach, Rudd, Perch & Tench                             

Level ground but disabled users may need some help to open the main gate.


Also available on Exchange permits:  Adventure Angling Club WILLOW POOL. BRAMLEY. By post request from  Membership Secretary –

Stuart Yeomans, 5 Oliver Drive, Calcot, Reading, Berks RG31 4XN


Membership Fees (Regret no concessions).

SENIORS & Ladies (Over 16)                        £55-00 No joining fee for new members until further notice.

JUNIORS                                                        £20-00 No joining fee.

ALL APPLICANTS should complete this form, attach 4 no. 9” x 5” (minimum) STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPES,  If you have ticked the email box below, send only ONE ENVELOPE with your application plus two passport size photographs & a cheque (payable to COVE A.S) for the total amount & send to: Membership Secretary – Stuart Yeomans, 5 Oliver Drive, Calcot, Reading, Berks RG31 4XN. Tel: 0118 941 6022 or 07770 757021.                      

Prefer to receive newsletters & other communications by email? Please tick ..................................


Renewing members do not need to provide photographs.                                                                                                                                     

I agree to abide by the rules of Cove A.S., to return any keys issued to me at the expiration of my membership & consent to my personal data, given on this application, being stored by Cove A.S. (GDPR2018)


Signature (Guardian to sign on behalf of Junior) ................................................................Date ...............................


Applicants & renewing members please note – This application will not be accepted without a signature.


A current EA Rod Licence is required to fish any Cove Angling Society water.


Cove AS welcomes all anglers regardless of age, sex or ability. We have good quality waters which we maintain to a high standard & have strict rules.  Any member found breaching any of the rules set out in our handbook may lose their permit.


Visit us at:  or find us on Facebook


The following are extracts from our club rules:

All Cove AS still waters are open for fishing all year round.  It may be necessary to carry out general maintenance or emergency works, notice of which is normally communicated via the Club’s Facebook page.


Children up to the age of 12 can fish for free, provided that they are invited by a club member who is authorised to be responsible for their welfare. The child must fish alongside the member at all times.  Children are classified as juniors from the ages of 12 to 16 & can hold membership in their own right. Juniors are permitted to fish Cove AS waters unaccompanied but for safety reasons should carry a fully charged & working mobile phone or be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Senior members are allowed up to 3 guests per day.  The guests must have a current EA rod licence & a valid guest ticket (£10 per guest per day) purchased prior to fishing. Members are responsible for their guests at all times & must make them aware of our rules.

Guest tickets cannot be obtained from the bank side.


All vehicles must be parked in designated areas & never on the access tracks or grassed areas.


Members & guests are permitted to fish with one rod only at any time on Cove AS waters.  Barbless hooks must be used as purchased & not pinched down or otherwise altered. Maximum permitted hook size is 10.  Lead lines must not be used & night fishing is not permitted.


On Cove AS waters a landing net & unhooking mat, both of which must be completely dry before fishing, are required & must be appropriate to the size of the fish in the water being fished. All anglers should carry and use a Carp Care Kit on each fish they catch in either lake.  Anglers may be asked to show their Carp Care Kit to committee members.  Keep-nets are not permitted except for pre-booked matches.  No food tins, boilies or nuts of any description to be taken onto Cove AS waters & all litter must be removed from the fishery. 


Your handbook will contain a list of dates which have been booked for matches or visiting clubs. Additionally, one lake at Chaley Park is booked for club matches most Thursdays. On these dates the booked water will not be available for pleasure fishing so please check before travelling to the venue.


DATA PROTECTION GDPR Regulations 2018 Cove A.S. collects & stores your data in both physical & digital formats. Cove A.S. does not share this data with anybody else.  Cove A.S. full privacy policy is available on our website.

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